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Hello blog… I vagely remember you…

So, its been a very trying and long winter. I will spare the details. But if  you are a close friend and know the details, I Thank You for all the support.

So, whats coming up? Well, the first thing on the horizon is the Relay For Life. I am looking forward to this event. It’s a small way to give back and honor my grandpa. He lost his battle with cancer 6 years ago. Wow, has it really been 6 years? Time has gone by so fast. So many things have changed. What would he think? What would he say? Where would I be now? I miss him greatly. Anyways, the Relay For Life is going to be great, its an overnight walk, lasting about 18 hours. I am team captain of team “Tempered Like Steel”. The team name comes from one of my favorite quotes of grandpa’s. He said that “humans are tempered like steel, the more we go through the fires, the stronger we become”. When I am going through trials I try and remember that I will come out stronger on the other side. My team consist of some friends and family and we have raised over $1000 already for American Cancer Society. If your reading this, and would like to donate, http://tinyurl.com/TimsRelayPage will get you to the right place. Should be a great time.

In other news, Not much else is going on. At least not that I think I will share here right now. Looking forward to some events coming up in the summer months. I did participate in Tom’s Shoes One Day Without Shoes campaign again this year. Was a fun day. I managed to get out and into several public places barefoot. The goal is to get people to notice your bare feet, they ask why, and you get to share the info about kids in other parts of the world that have to without shoes on a daily basis and the risk they take doing so. Then you get to share about how Toms Shoes does the buy one give one campaign to help solve this issue. So, overall its a for a good cause, and gave me an excuse to be comfy all day.
Well, I think that’s about all I can/will share at the moment. Thanks for stopping by. I will try and update here a little more often.



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