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No Shave November…

Well, I did it. I managed to go the entire month without shaving. Not even trimming or manscaping. This is the first that I can remember letting it go this far. It wasn’t fun thats for sure. I did learn some things along the way. A lot of people would tell me things like “If you don’t like it, just shave” or “No one would care if you quit”. But the thing was, I had made a commitment. I made a promise on November 1st that I was going to do this. That I would stick it out regardless of how much it itched, or looked shaggy. This promise wasn’t to anyone in particular. No one was going to be mad at me if I shaved. No one except for me that is. If I couldn’t hold a promise to myself how could I make one to anyone else. I really really don’t like facial hair. I in no way enjoyed the month. There were times I wanted to run up stairs and give in to the razor. Going to work and talking to strangers with this unkempt appearance, Going to church every week looking like I slept under a bridge, Sitting at the Thanksgiving dinner table feeling like a pilgrim, it all sucked. But today, Dec. 1st, I sit here smooth faced and proud. I know its not that big of a deal, “all you did was not shave for a month”, but I did it for myself. The way my life has been going the last several years, unpredictable and out of my control. It was nice to be able to set a goal, be in control of that goal, and see it through to completion. Will I do it again next year.. Probably not. :O) I will finish this post with a top ten…

The top ten things I’ve learned from No Shave November…

10. Beards… Their gross

9. Beards… They itch

8. Beards… People say they like “yours”, which is a little creepy

7. Beards… They don’t actually keep your face any warmer

6. Beards… They make it difficult to lay your face on a pillow

5. Beards… They don’t make you feel more “manly”

4. Beards… They take commitment and determination to grow

3. Beards… No two are the same

2.Beards… I can grow one

And the number one thing I learned,

1. Beards… I don’t like ’em.


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