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Long Time No Blog…

Sorry for the lack of blogging. Been pretty busy lately. I have been helping my friend Pat build our new camera booth at church. It is coming together really nice. We have almost doubled the size of our sound booth. We have a two tier camera/lighting section now. The framework is done and most of the wiring. We have a few tweeks to make before finishing the carpet on the walls and ceiling inside. We used it Sunday and it was nice. Everyone seemed to notice it and comment on how nice it looked.

We also had our Winter Variety Show on Sunday night. It was great! We had a really good time running tech and watching all the people perform. We sold food and drinks also. The whole event was a fundraiser for the youth department. Everything went great and a good time was had by all.

I have been having a lot of fun setting up and hacking (jailbreaking) my new iPod Touch. It is a fun device to play with and to see what tech we can do with it. The new 3.0 OS was announced today. The new OS will provide a lot of features that people have been wanting in the iphone/ipod touch. Things such as copy/paste and A2DP support. But the update is not slated for release till June. So I will have to wait for that. But the jailbreak also provides some really cool things. So I have been having a good time with that. My friends all have the ipod touch as well, so we get to share the fun. There are some apps that allow the devices to connect together to do various things. Loads of fun.

Other than that, that’s about all I have going on. I am still laid off from work, but that’s OK. God is taking care of things and making sure that my needs are met. I talked to the boss and he said mid April some work should begin to open up. So I am pretty sure that when I get back from Hawaii that I will be back to work for sure. If not then I will have to seek another employer, I cant stay on unemployment forever :0)

Speaking of Hawaii, we are getting really excited. Things are coming together nicely and we are researching and making plans for what activities we want to do while we are there. The conference is 3 days of our visit. They have posted much better details of what the conference will be covering. It is going to be very informative. Looking forward to the whole event. If anyone has any tips for what to see or do in Hawaii let me know in the comments!

Thanks! Tim


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