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I just wanted to post a quick note about a product that Leo Leporte is pushing. Its called Braintoniq. It is just another one of these herbal drinks that is suppose to improve brain functions and stimulate the body. Yeah…..

Well I went to order some 8oz cans of the stuff from their website (which I wont type out because they don’t deserve the linkage) and I was really taken back by the cost of this stuff. If you do the math it comes to 41.44 a gallon! Well I figure they have the right to charge whatever they want for the stuff. But I thought I would inform them as to why they lost a sale. So I hit up the contact us page and described my opinions of the price.

Their one line reply to my opinion……. “We’re less expensive than a soy latte at Starbucks :)”

Not the attitude that I was expecting, so I just wanted to write this note to share my opinion of this company.  Buyer beware.


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