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This was the first heavy snow that we have had this year. It is a layering of snow then we had a ice/freezing rain storm, then the heavy snow on top of the ice. It has shut down the area. Most areas have been labeled with a Level 3 snow emergency. Meaning that it is illegal to drive. Its not the biggest storm that we have had but its a good one. There was somewhere near 45,000 without power at one point. The ice builds up on tree limbs and power lines and gets very heavy causing them to break. Most everything is closed and flights are canceled. I managed to stay in all day, a neighbor was kind enough to run his snow blower down all the sidewalks here and even did a lot of my driveway. So I have not been out side at all. Just taking it all in from the window and tv. Here is a picture from out the front window. Stay warm!

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What’s your ARK?

Today was a BEAUTIFUL day, it was unusually warm for the end of January. It felt good to get out and enjoy the sunshine. I even had the windows open at the house.

Tonight I helped out at the Friday Night Flicks at church. It was a fundraiser for the youth dept. They are working to earn money for their missions trip. The movie tonight was Evan Almighty. We had a good time serving popcorn, hot dogs, chili, candy and soda.

The movie, if you have not seen it, is about a guy who has a high position in the government. But when God appears to him and tells him to build an ark, his career takes a downward course. As he continues to build the ark he is faced with many battles. Obstacles that he has to hurtle. People mock him. Laugh at him. Tell him he is crazy. But he continues to build the ark. But as funny and light hearted as this movie is, it packs a powerful message. I am not sure if the director had this message in mind when he filmed it, but its there.

The lessons I take from this movie fall in line with my verse, 1 John 3:18. When God comes to “Evan” and tells him to build the ark, he puts up a fight. He tries to ignore God. He tries to pretend that it will all just go away. He tries to tell God that he can’t do it. But when he finally gives into Gods request, he sees that he can in fact do it. With one board at a time, one nail after another. He begins to see the shape of an ark. Now it did not just come together easily. There were times when he had to call on God for help. But God was always right there. It makes me ask myself, whats the ark in my life? What has God asked me to do? Am I ignoring God? Am I pretending that it will go away? Am I telling God that I can’t do it? If I stop fighting the wrong fight will I start to see my ark? I pray that I continue to hammer my nails, one at a time and start to see Gods plan take shape. What’s your ark?

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1 John 3:18

Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth”

I was given the opportunity today to love with actions and in truth. I started my morning earlier than normal, for being laid off that is, at 8am. Today there was a funeral. A funeral that came long before it was due. This funeral was like many others across the nation today. This funeral was a tragedy. A young man, who had more friends, family, loved ones, and strangers who cared for him than you could count. Only 17 years old took his own life. I struggle to imagine what could possibly have been going through his mind to want to cause so much pain. What could I have done? What could others have done? What could have been said? What was said? He was a popular boy, a fire fighter in training, a wonderful artist. But at some point somewhere in this boys life a mistake was made. He left no note. Left no signs of why.

So, being laid off I had the time available to invest in this kids family. I did not know Jessie, I did not know his family. But I wanted to show God’s love to them in this time of need. To show them that they are not alone. Maybe I went unnoticed, they don’t know who I am. But that’s not why I did it. Not for thanks or payment, but to grow in my own relationship with God.

I spent about ten hours working to make the day easier for his family. Setting up chairs, running sound and tech for the service, setting up tables and food for them to come back and eat after the grave site. I hope that they were comfortable, as much as can be expected anyways. But during those ten hours I had a lot of time to think. A lot of emotions went through my mind. But one thought was persistent. What could have been done to prevent this? What could I have done? To my knowledge I had never met Jessie. But I think about the people that do cross my path. Regardless if they are strangers or the people that I see everyday. 1 John 3:18 kept running through my head. Could loving in actions and truth, showing a bit more love to people could that prevent the sadness and hurt feelings that lead to such tragedies. I pray that I can make a difference, regardless of how small, to the people around me and that they might see Gods love through me.

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Well, 2009 is off to a rough start, I was laid off today. Just as I was starting to gain some hope, self esteem, and a promise of a better year than the last. I am feeling pretty down today. I just wish that all this could be fixed. The economy, my failed marriage, life in general. You always hear people say, if I could do it all again knowing then what I know now. Well that phrase takes on new meaning after you go through certain trials in life. I think back to the decisions that I have made and wonder what in the world I was thinking. And if, only if, I could go back and tell myself a few things. Just a whisper in my ear. A note in the sand. A chill down the spine, just something to warn me of the results of my selfish decisions. Things would be different. But, as we all know. That’s not possible. No matter how many times I click my heels, here I am. So what now. Well, they say that you should learn from your mistakes and not make them again. OK. Well easier said than done. Some mistakes are easy to remember. Don’t touch the hot oven racks. Don’t talk back to your father. But what do you do about the little ones. The ones that you see yourself making over and over. How do you break the cycle. How do you force yourself to not do the things that you have done and failed over and over. I guess over time some of them eventually sink in. But the stubborn ones, what can you do? I hoped to make 2009 the year of change. But it’s off to a rough start. I know. Keep your head up. Things will get better. God has a plan. I know all the things that everyone wants to tell you when your feeling down. But when life’s grains of sand are like boulders in your path, its hard to see the ocean. I just want to go swimming! So, anyways, I thought I would make this post, as a marker for where I am now. I hope to look back at this post in January of 2010 and laugh with a sense of accomplishment. Only I can make it happen. I know that. But a job would help :0)

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A new year….

Wow, how time flies. It’s a new year already. A lot of things have changed in the last few months. Things that I won’t mention here. I have learned more in the last 6 months than I ever wanted to. The lessons that I have learned will not soon be forgotten. I hope that everyone has a great year!  Our church has a slogan for 2009, “Take the time in 2009” Meaning, take the time for God, Family, and Friends. The material things in this life will all melt away. Put forth your effort, energy, and time into something that matters. If you invest in people you will never loose.  One verse that I plan to apply to my life this year is 1 John 3:18 “Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth” That verse is telling me to not just say I love God and want to follow his will but to show that I love God and want to do his work by my daily actions. The little gestures in your daily life can be the biggest thing to the ones that you do them for. So I hope to improve my daily walk and help people in my path when I can.  And if your reading this simple little blog, then I hope you also take the time to read your bible today :0)

Happy New Year!


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