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Today was an interesting day. I participated in TOMS shoes, OneDayWithoutShoes campagne. The objective behind this was to raise awareness to how different life is when you don’t have access to footwear. I went the entire day without shoes. I did not want to just stay around the house, I wanted to get out and see how things would be different.

I started my day with a trip to a clothing store. They know me in this store, so I was not a stranger. But after entering without shoes, I was looked at strangely. I offered to explain it to the two employees in an attempt to meet the goal of raising awareness. They found it interesting and supported letting me continue to shop barefoot. They did not however, join me in the fun. After spending some time walking around the store, the carpet was clean and soft, not a big issue. Trying on clothes was easier, no footwear to deal with. As I paid for my items, the lady at the register applauded my efforts and wished me well. As I was walking across the parking lot, the cool air of the day chilled my feet, I thought of how cold your feet would be in the winter, snow and ice. Continuing my walk to the truck, I felt stones and other debris on the soles of my feet.

My next stop was McDonalds. My initial thought was, Drive-thru. But, what would I learn from that. So I opted to go in. I was a bit hesitate at first, thinking that I would be asked to leave. But much to my surprise, nothing was said. The tile was cold, kinda sticky from spilled soda and whatever. I thought about how spending everyday barefoot would result in some very strange sensations as you walk thru the muck. Surfaces become slippery and the risk of falling increases. I received my order, and took it to go. At this point, my feet are getting a little sore. The pebbles and rocks on the sidewalks and parking lots really take a toll.

The next stop was at church. Nothing too out of the ordinary there. I was greeted by other barefoot’d people. We shared some stories about how the day was going and the experiences that they have had. Spending most of the afternoon there in the carpeted church was not so bad, we were productive, had band practice as scheduled. Was given the chance to share the cause with some people who were unaware of why I was barefoot.

After a busy evening at church, I headed home. One last stop to make. I needed fuel in the truck. I once again, opted to pay inside rather than pay-at-the-pump. Much like McDonalds, the tile was cold, kinda wet or sticky in various places. The clerk was unconcerned with my shoe status.

So, in conclusion. I am glad I participated. My feet are a bit sore and very dirty but it gave me a new perspective on just another blessing that we often take for granted. I am grateful for the things that God provides in my life.


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