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Someone asked me yesterday, why do you do Relay For Life? Why do you need an event? Why can’t people just donate more of the money, not spend money for the event. Well, Relay For Life is a way to celebrate. A way for those that have lost a loved one to honor, remember, and have a sense of closure. Relay for Life is a way for a cancer survivor to celebrate their victory, to show those that are just┬ábeginning their journey that they can overcome, that cancer does not have to be a death sentence. Some of you may be tired of my post, You may be excited that the event is coming up and that I will stop talking about it. But cancer doesn’t take a break. A cancer patient can’t take a day off from cancer. So, I won’t apologize for the frequency of my relay post. My desire to do more, to provide people with a way Celebrate. Remember. Fight Back.


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