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This was the first heavy snow that we have had this year. It is a layering of snow then we had a ice/freezing rain storm, then the heavy snow on top of the ice. It has shut down the area. Most areas have been labeled with a Level 3 snow emergency. Meaning that it is illegal to drive. Its not the biggest storm that we have had but its a good one. There was somewhere near 45,000 without power at one point. The ice builds up on tree limbs and power lines and gets very heavy causing them to break. Most everything is closed and flights are canceled. I managed to stay in all day, a neighbor was kind enough to run his snow blower down all the sidewalks here and even did a lot of my driveway. So I have not been out side at all. Just taking it all in from the window and tv. Here is a picture from out the front window. Stay warm!

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Click to visit my photo site!


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