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I have always struggled with my weight. I wasn’t huge in high school, but bigger than most. Once I was out of school and working construction, every meal was fast food. I tried various diets, some had momentary success. Fast forward a few years, economy tanked, layed off from my job that kept me active, Toss in a divorce and some depression and I really packed it on. But I’ve finally found a plan that is working well and have a super supportive wife to help me through it. We started following the Ketogenic diet in January of 2017. The weight was falling off very quickly in the beginning. It’s tapered to a more steady burn at this point, but I have lost 220 pounds in the last 20 months. She has lost 65 pounds herself as well. We both feel great and have a lot more energy. For the first time I feel like I’m in control, not the food. And I’m going to be at a normal healthy weight soon.


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