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Hawaii Day Nine…..


Well….. We knew this day would come. Our final day in this paradise. We have had a great time and don’t want to leave but at the same time it will be nice to be home. So, being the last day we did not make a whole lot of plans. We slept in just a little bit. Spent most of the morning getting packed up. As we were packing we both came to the realization that we needed more baggage to get everything home. LOL So we packed what we could then headed out to buy some small duffel bags to pack the last few things in. Found some great small bags that said Hawaii on them. Perfect. After getting the rest of the stuff packed up we went to check out. Check out was suppose to to be at 1pm and they were going to lock our bags up with the bell hops till we were ready to go. Our flight did not leave till 10:50pm. When the lady at the desk found out that we still had the whole day in town she gave us our room till 8pm. The shuttle was coming to get us for the airport at 8:10pm. So everyone was really nice there and took care of us pretty well. After getting the hotel thing straightened out we hopped on the trolley. Showing our room key allowed us to ride the trolley for free. We went to the Ala mona Shopping center. This is one BIG mall. They had every big name store you could think of. Nordstroms,Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Coach, Prada, the list goes on and on. Here we visited our second Apple store on the island :0). As we were in the Apple store, we met up with Roz Savage. A great woman doing amazing things to draw attention to the pollution that we dump in the oceans each day. She is about to leave on her second leg of rowing across the Pacific Ocean. Visit her site for more details. It was really great to meet her at last and buy her a cup of coffee. She did not have a whole lot of time so I did not get a lot of her time but I understand.


After a bit more shopping we headed back towards Waikiki. There we spent a couple hours on the beach. The water and sand felt great. The beach was crowded but no one seemed to care. It was Waikiki after all! Was hard to say good bye. Our flight was drawing near. Time for one last vacation style meal. We had spent the entire week being sure to only eat at places that we could not eat at home. So this last meal was no different. We ate at the Rock Island Cafe.


It was like a Johnny Rockets sort of place. An old ’50’s diner kinda place. Had the walls covered in old records and things of the past. The food here was great. After checking out of the room, the shuttle bus showed up. We were the only scheduled pick ups. So they sent this huge bus just to pick up the two of us. Goodbye Hawaii, Maholo for the memories. They will not be forgotten!

Aloha A hui huo!


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Hawaii Day Eight…..


Today we took a circle island tour. It started early with shuttle pickup at 8:30am. The shuttle took us ALL the way around the island of Oahu. From top to bottom and side to side. We got to stop and see and photograph a lot of great things. Had a great lunch at a shrimp place that raises the shrimp and cooks them live. They were as fresh as fresh could be. It was great to have a tour guide to take us to all the sites that we wanted to see. Saved us from having to find these things on our own. After we made it back we ordered pizza to our room and have been editing pictures from the week. Here are a few from today. Above is from the north shore. Below is some surfers on north shore.


Below is Hanauma Bay. One the islands most visited spots. The snorkeling here is famous.



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Today was a relaxed day. We slept in a bit. Had some lunch. Did a little shopping. Then we headed out for our luau. We went to Germaine’s Luau. It was really nice. The show starts from the min you get on the bus that picks you up. There was a tour guide (Holly) who keeps you entertained the entire drive to help you not notice how long your on the shuttle. It was a very large, very nice tour bus. Was a comfy ride. After arriving at the site of the Luau we watched the torch lighting ceremony followed by the emu uncovering. A emu is the underground oven that they cook the pig in. As soon as they took the cover off and began removing the large leaves that were covering the pig you could smell this wonderful meaty smell.

After the meat was pulled from the emu it was time to hit the buffet. They had all kinds of great foods to choose from. It was all very good.


Then it was time for the show. It was a great show that was well rehearsed. They really made you have a good time and made sure you were comfortable the entire night. After the show we loaded back on the buses where the show continued with Holly again. She gave a few prizes away and did a few dances for us. We had a great time over all.


After getting off the shuttle we stood for about 20 Min’s and watched a street performer do some neat spray painting. Then it was off to bed. A great day.



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Hawaii Day Six…

Today’s conference schedule did not start till 2:30pm. So that allowed us to sleep in a little and enjoy the morning. We then headed out for lunch and a little shopping. We had lunch at Smorgy’s buffet again. Was good! After lunch and a little shopping we came back to the room for a little rest before the conference.


The conference schedule today revolved around tonight’s church service. We were taken there early enough to see the practice and take a back stage tour of production and equipment setups. It was pretty cool to see how a mobile church uses so much tech and stays mobile.

After the tour we went in and enjoyed the service. The message was brought to us by Craig Groeschel from Lifechurch.tv and he rocked it out! He is a great preacher and a comedian to boot :0). After service they had a final meal prepared for us. We had Hula Hula Chicken with rice, a roll, corn on the cob and a small Hawaiian cookie called Lili’u which is made out of passion fruit.


Then it was time to say goodbye to our new friends and head back to the hotel. We have made some great new friends here at New Hope. Hope to maybe get to come back here and see them again someday.


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Hawaii Day Five…..


Today was pretty similar to yesterday as far as the conference. It was great to hear such talented people talk about tech and the way they do things. Learning from their mistakes and victories will help us in our own plans.


The thing that made today different was that after the conference we had a conference wide dinner on the beach with fireworks over the ocean. It was beautiful. The dinner was incredible as well. We have another conference dinner tomorrow night after service. Looking forward to that. So, not much else to say here today, but I will put some pictures for your enjoyment.


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Hawaii Day Four…..


Today was the first day of our conference. It started with a nice breakfast of fresh pineapple, Banana bread, and mango bread. We were given nice folders with all the conference paper work, a free 1GB flash drive, badges, and lanyards. This was a nice time outside in the fresh morning air to get to know our fellow tech geeks.


After breakfast the conference started with an AWESOME time of worship. The band was really great! The music was loud and motivating followed by a very moving time of praise songs. Was a great way to kick off the day. We all were very humbled to be in such a beautiful place to worship God. After worship was the opening keynote sermon by Craig Groeschel. He talked about “Would Jesus use technology” Craig is an awesome speaker. After Craig was finished we broke out to smaller groups. And talked about “Using Technology to Create Magnetism, Velcro, and a strong Gravity Field”. Then it was time for lunch.


Lunch was another great meal and a good time to talk with fellow geeks. They had a huge LED stadium style monitor playing some worship videos during our meal. Was pretty cool to get a close up view of how such a board works.


To give a sense of scale, here is Pat standing in front of it.


After lunch there was a skit involving Rapping Accountants. These guys were very funny and amusing.


Then it was back to note taking and listening to some great speakers talk about using tech in your church. Balancing Technology with Life, and Creating Web Video on a Budget were the topics to finish out the day.


Then we were shuttled back to the hotel and headed out to find some dinner. We chose to try Perry’s Smorgy. Was a buffet featuring all sorts of Hawaiian delights. Fresh fruit and BBQ meats. Was a nice dinner.


Looking forward to another great day at the conference tomorrow. Wayne Cordeiro is speaking tomorrow. Looking forward to that!

Aloha!! and Mahalo!

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Hawaii Day Three…..


Had another GREAT day here in Hawaii. Today we went to the USS Arizona memorial at Pearl Harbor! It was very moving. It started with a 20 min film about the history of Pearl Harbor. Then we boarded a boat and headed out to the USS Arizona memorial. The ship is laying just under the surface of the water with a few parts above the water line. The memorial is a bridge like structure that is built over top of it to allow you a close up view of the ship. Inside the memorial there is a wall of names of people who went down with and are still in the ship. It was very emotional to be there and remember some history of our country. A funny side note…. Some people at Pearl harbor thought we were the brothers from last seasons “Biggest Loser”. People were telling us how good we were looking and telling us what fans they were. There was Japanese people asking to take their pictures with us. A small glimpse into what it would be like to be “famous”.


After a touching morning, we walked a few blocks to the Aloha Stadium. At the stadium on Wednesday’s is a swap meet. A lot of people told us we “had” to go to the swap meet. So we spent a few hours walking around in there and spending money. Was pretty neat place with TONS of stuff to look at and buy.


After that we needed a bit of a rest, so we headed back to the hotel. We then walked over to Waikiki beach and walked up and down the beach and let the waves crash on us. While walking down the beach we came across a open patio bar/grill. We went in and had a great lunch. Met and talked to some people. Was a nice time. Another quick trip to the hotel room for a wardrobe change. Then we headed out to do some more shopping and site seeing. Aloha tower was on our list of things to see. Aloha tower was a pretty good distance north. So we took the bus. On our way to the tower we knew of a store that we wanted to stop at.


Aloha tower turned out to be closed when we got there. We were disappointed but made the best of the surroundings. Watched the sunset from a dock on the ocean. took some pictures around the area.


As we were heading back out to catch the bus we came across Hooter’s of Honolulu. We could not resist. So we had a few wings and enjoyed some live music. The waitress gave us some menu’s for souvenirs. After dinner number two we head out to the bus stop.


Took the bus to the Hard Rock Cafe. LOL, we had deserts there and got a couple souvenirs that some people back home requested.

That made for a long day. Its now about 11pm and we are back in the hotel and tired. Our conference starts tomorrow at 7am. So we need to hit the sack. I don’t have time to add photos to this post right now. So check back later after I have had some time to look thru today’s pictures.


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Hawaii Day Two…


Today we hiked a volcano! It was a LONG and strenuous hike. And being so heavy and out of shape did not make it any easier!! It was about a 2 mile journey which took us up to about 800 foot. The view was breath taking and it was totally worth the pain and fatigue to get there. The way down was easier but still a bit rough. We are now in the hotel getting a bit of R&R before heading back out on the town. So this blog post will be updated later this evening. Just wanted to share this shot I took from the top looking down into the crater. If you look in the center of the photo you will see a tunnel that lets you drive into the center of the valley. That little spec is where we started walking! Off for now, look back here for an updated post in a few hours!


Ok, so we are back in the room. Went out and checked out the Apple store that is near the hotel. Then we did a little shopping followed up with dinner. Dinner was at The Sea Side Grill. New York strip steak, Jumbo fried shrimp, Corn on the cob, and a salad. Was a great dinner.

Here is another shot from the top of Diamond Head Crater. It was so beautiful! You could see 360 degrees from the top.


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Long Time No Blog…

Sorry for the lack of blogging. Been pretty busy lately. I have been helping my friend Pat build our new camera booth at church. It is coming together really nice. We have almost doubled the size of our sound booth. We have a two tier camera/lighting section now. The framework is done and most of the wiring. We have a few tweeks to make before finishing the carpet on the walls and ceiling inside. We used it Sunday and it was nice. Everyone seemed to notice it and comment on how nice it looked.

We also had our Winter Variety Show on Sunday night. It was great! We had a really good time running tech and watching all the people perform. We sold food and drinks also. The whole event was a fundraiser for the youth department. Everything went great and a good time was had by all.

I have been having a lot of fun setting up and hacking (jailbreaking) my new iPod Touch. It is a fun device to play with and to see what tech we can do with it. The new 3.0 OS was announced today. The new OS will provide a lot of features that people have been wanting in the iphone/ipod touch. Things such as copy/paste and A2DP support. But the update is not slated for release till June. So I will have to wait for that. But the jailbreak also provides some really cool things. So I have been having a good time with that. My friends all have the ipod touch as well, so we get to share the fun. There are some apps that allow the devices to connect together to do various things. Loads of fun.

Other than that, that’s about all I have going on. I am still laid off from work, but that’s OK. God is taking care of things and making sure that my needs are met. I talked to the boss and he said mid April some work should begin to open up. So I am pretty sure that when I get back from Hawaii that I will be back to work for sure. If not then I will have to seek another employer, I cant stay on unemployment forever :0)

Speaking of Hawaii, we are getting really excited. Things are coming together nicely and we are researching and making plans for what activities we want to do while we are there. The conference is 3 days of our visit. They have posted much better details of what the conference will be covering. It is going to be very informative. Looking forward to the whole event. If anyone has any tips for what to see or do in Hawaii let me know in the comments!

Thanks! Tim

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