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What’s your ARK?

Today was a BEAUTIFUL day, it was unusually warm for the end of January. It felt good to get out and enjoy the sunshine. I even had the windows open at the house.

Tonight I helped out at the Friday Night Flicks at church. It was a fundraiser for the youth dept. They are working to earn money for their missions trip. The movie tonight was Evan Almighty. We had a good time serving popcorn, hot dogs, chili, candy and soda.

The movie, if you have not seen it, is about a guy who has a high position in the government. But when God appears to him and tells him to build an ark, his career takes a downward course. As he continues to build the ark he is faced with many battles. Obstacles that he has to hurtle. People mock him. Laugh at him. Tell him he is crazy. But he continues to build the ark. But as funny and light hearted as this movie is, it packs a powerful message. I am not sure if the director had this message in mind when he filmed it, but its there.

The lessons I take from this movie fall in line with my verse, 1 John 3:18. When God comes to “Evan” and tells him to build the ark, he puts up a fight. He tries to ignore God. He tries to pretend that it will all just go away. He tries to tell God that he can’t do it. But when he finally gives into Gods request, he sees that he can in fact do it. With one board at a time, one nail after another. He begins to see the shape of an ark. Now it did not just come together easily. There were times when he had to call on God for help. But God was always right there. It makes me ask myself, whats the ark in my life? What has God asked me to do? Am I ignoring God? Am I pretending that it will go away? Am I telling God that I can’t do it? If I stop fighting the wrong fight will I start to see my ark? I pray that I continue to hammer my nails, one at a time and start to see Gods plan take shape. What’s your ark?


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