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´╗┐Well, Crystal and I are excited to be welcoming another baby girl to our family. We are still trying to decide on a name. We had a boy name that we had picked back when she was pregnant with Grace. But we had not put a lot of thought into another girl name. It’s a small struggle to come up with something we both like. Crystal prefers some of the newer unique type names, I favor more traditional names. But I’m sure we will find something soon that we both can agree on. Shelby and Logan are excited, although Logan was a bit disappointed that he was still going to be out numbered. We are also going to have to change some bedroom assignments. It would be much easier to have both babies in the same room. One changing table, one baby monitor, an early bedtime for babies would be easier for the older 2 not to wake up if they shared a room. So I see myself building bunk beds soon. Due date is July 18th, 2015. But Grace came 3 weeks early, so time will tell. Excited. 


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