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Hawaii Day Nine…..


Well….. We knew this day would come. Our final day in this paradise. We have had a great time and don’t want to leave but at the same time it will be nice to be home. So, being the last day we did not make a whole lot of plans. We slept in just a little bit. Spent most of the morning getting packed up. As we were packing we both came to the realization that we needed more baggage to get everything home. LOL So we packed what we could then headed out to buy some small duffel bags to pack the last few things in. Found some great small bags that said Hawaii on them. Perfect. After getting the rest of the stuff packed up we went to check out. Check out was suppose to to be at 1pm and they were going to lock our bags up with the bell hops till we were ready to go. Our flight did not leave till 10:50pm. When the lady at the desk found out that we still had the whole day in town she gave us our room till 8pm. The shuttle was coming to get us for the airport at 8:10pm. So everyone was really nice there and took care of us pretty well. After getting the hotel thing straightened out we hopped on the trolley. Showing our room key allowed us to ride the trolley for free. We went to the Ala mona Shopping center. This is one BIG mall. They had every big name store you could think of. Nordstroms,Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Coach, Prada, the list goes on and on. Here we visited our second Apple store on the island :0). As we were in the Apple store, we met up with Roz Savage. A great woman doing amazing things to draw attention to the pollution that we dump in the oceans each day. She is about to leave on her second leg of rowing across the Pacific Ocean. Visit her site for more details. It was really great to meet her at last and buy her a cup of coffee. She did not have a whole lot of time so I did not get a lot of her time but I understand.


After a bit more shopping we headed back towards Waikiki. There we spent a couple hours on the beach. The water and sand felt great. The beach was crowded but no one seemed to care. It was Waikiki after all! Was hard to say good bye. Our flight was drawing near. Time for one last vacation style meal. We had spent the entire week being sure to only eat at places that we could not eat at home. So this last meal was no different. We ate at the Rock Island Cafe.


It was like a Johnny Rockets sort of place. An old ’50’s diner kinda place. Had the walls covered in old records and things of the past. The food here was great. After checking out of the room, the shuttle bus showed up. We were the only scheduled pick ups. So they sent this huge bus just to pick up the two of us. Goodbye Hawaii, Maholo for the memories. They will not be forgotten!

Aloha A hui huo!


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