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Hawaii Day Eight…..


Today we took a circle island tour. It started early with shuttle pickup at 8:30am. The shuttle took us ALL the way around the island of Oahu. From top to bottom and side to side. We got to stop and see and photograph a lot of great things. Had a great lunch at a shrimp place that raises the shrimp and cooks them live. They were as fresh as fresh could be. It was great to have a tour guide to take us to all the sites that we wanted to see. Saved us from having to find these things on our own. After we made it back we ordered pizza to our room and have been editing pictures from the week. Here are a few from today. Above is from the north shore. Below is some surfers on north shore.


Below is Hanauma Bay. One the islands most visited spots. The snorkeling here is famous.




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