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Today was a relaxed day. We slept in a bit. Had some lunch. Did a little shopping. Then we headed out for our luau. We went to Germaine’s Luau. It was really nice. The show starts from the min you get on the bus that picks you up. There was a tour guide (Holly) who keeps you entertained the entire drive to help you not notice how long your on the shuttle. It was a very large, very nice tour bus. Was a comfy ride. After arriving at the site of the Luau we watched the torch lighting ceremony followed by the emu uncovering. A emu is the underground oven that they cook the pig in. As soon as they took the cover off and began removing the large leaves that were covering the pig you could smell this wonderful meaty smell.

After the meat was pulled from the emu it was time to hit the buffet. They had all kinds of great foods to choose from. It was all very good.


Then it was time for the show. It was a great show that was well rehearsed. They really made you have a good time and made sure you were comfortable the entire night. After the show we loaded back on the buses where the show continued with Holly again. She gave a few prizes away and did a few dances for us. We had a great time over all.


After getting off the shuttle we stood for about 20 Min’s and watched a street performer do some neat spray painting. Then it was off to bed. A great day.



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