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Hawaii Day Five…..


Today was pretty similar to yesterday as far as the conference. It was great to hear such talented people talk about tech and the way they do things. Learning from their mistakes and victories will help us in our own plans.


The thing that made today different was that after the conference we had a conference wide dinner on the beach with fireworks over the ocean. It was beautiful. The dinner was incredible as well. We have another conference dinner tomorrow night after service. Looking forward to that. So, not much else to say here today, but I will put some pictures for your enjoyment.


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Hawaii Day Four…..


Today was the first day of our conference. It started with a nice breakfast of fresh pineapple, Banana bread, and mango bread. We were given nice folders with all the conference paper work, a free 1GB flash drive, badges, and lanyards. This was a nice time outside in the fresh morning air to get to know our fellow tech geeks.


After breakfast the conference started with an AWESOME time of worship. The band was really great! The music was loud and motivating followed by a very moving time of praise songs. Was a great way to kick off the day. We all were very humbled to be in such a beautiful place to worship God. After worship was the opening keynote sermon by Craig Groeschel. He talked about “Would Jesus use technology” Craig is an awesome speaker. After Craig was finished we broke out to smaller groups. And talked about “Using Technology to Create Magnetism, Velcro, and a strong Gravity Field”. Then it was time for lunch.


Lunch was another great meal and a good time to talk with fellow geeks. They had a huge LED stadium style monitor playing some worship videos during our meal. Was pretty cool to get a close up view of how such a board works.


To give a sense of scale, here is Pat standing in front of it.


After lunch there was a skit involving Rapping Accountants. These guys were very funny and amusing.


Then it was back to note taking and listening to some great speakers talk about using tech in your church. Balancing Technology with Life, and Creating Web Video on a Budget were the topics to finish out the day.


Then we were shuttled back to the hotel and headed out to find some dinner. We chose to try Perry’s Smorgy. Was a buffet featuring all sorts of Hawaiian delights. Fresh fruit and BBQ meats. Was a nice dinner.


Looking forward to another great day at the conference tomorrow. Wayne Cordeiro is speaking tomorrow. Looking forward to that!

Aloha!! and Mahalo!

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