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Hawaii Day Three…..


Had another GREAT day here in Hawaii. Today we went to the USS Arizona memorial at Pearl Harbor! It was very moving. It started with a 20 min film about the history of Pearl Harbor. Then we boarded a boat and headed out to the USS Arizona memorial. The ship is laying just under the surface of the water with a few parts above the water line. The memorial is a bridge like structure that is built over top of it to allow you a close up view of the ship. Inside the memorial there is a wall of names of people who went down with and are still in the ship. It was very emotional to be there and remember some history of our country. A funny side note…. Some people at Pearl harbor thought we were the brothers from last seasons “Biggest Loser”. People were telling us how good we were looking and telling us what fans they were. There was Japanese people asking to take their pictures with us. A small glimpse into what it would be like to be “famous”.


After a touching morning, we walked a few blocks to the Aloha Stadium. At the stadium on Wednesday’s is a swap meet. A lot of people told us we “had” to go to the swap meet. So we spent a few hours walking around in there and spending money. Was pretty neat place with TONS of stuff to look at and buy.


After that we needed a bit of a rest, so we headed back to the hotel. We then walked over to Waikiki beach and walked up and down the beach and let the waves crash on us. While walking down the beach we came across a open patio bar/grill. We went in and had a great lunch. Met and talked to some people. Was a nice time. Another quick trip to the hotel room for a wardrobe change. Then we headed out to do some more shopping and site seeing. Aloha tower was on our list of things to see. Aloha tower was a pretty good distance north. So we took the bus. On our way to the tower we knew of a store that we wanted to stop at.


Aloha tower turned out to be closed when we got there. We were disappointed but made the best of the surroundings. Watched the sunset from a dock on the ocean. took some pictures around the area.


As we were heading back out to catch the bus we came across Hooter’s of Honolulu. We could not resist. So we had a few wings and enjoyed some live music. The waitress gave us some menu’s for souvenirs. After dinner number two we head out to the bus stop.


Took the bus to the Hard Rock Cafe. LOL, we had deserts there and got a couple souvenirs that some people back home requested.

That made for a long day. Its now about 11pm and we are back in the hotel and tired. Our conference starts tomorrow at 7am. So we need to hit the sack. I don’t have time to add photos to this post right now. So check back later after I have had some time to look thru today’s pictures.



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