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Hawaii Day Two…


Today we hiked a volcano! It was a LONG and strenuous hike. And being so heavy and out of shape did not make it any easier!! It was about a 2 mile journey which took us up to about 800 foot. The view was breath taking and it was totally worth the pain and fatigue to get there. The way down was easier but still a bit rough. We are now in the hotel getting a bit of R&R before heading back out on the town. So this blog post will be updated later this evening. Just wanted to share this shot I took from the top looking down into the crater. If you look in the center of the photo you will see a tunnel that lets you drive into the center of the valley. That little spec is where we started walking! Off for now, look back here for an updated post in a few hours!


Ok, so we are back in the room. Went out and checked out the Apple store that is near the hotel. Then we did a little shopping followed up with dinner. Dinner was at The Sea Side Grill. New York strip steak, Jumbo fried shrimp, Corn on the cob, and a salad. Was a great dinner.

Here is another shot from the top of Diamond Head Crater. It was so beautiful! You could see 360 degrees from the top.



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