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Hawaii Day One…


Well…..we made it! It has been such a long day. We have been up for just shy of 24 hours now. The flights were what was expected…Long, cramped, and unpleasant. But we endured and it was a small price to pay to walk out of the airport and see the beauty before us! It is so wonderful! We arrived here at about 3pm Hawaii time. We caught a shuttle bus that turned out to be a long ride. It made 21 hotel stops! So by the time we got in our hotel room it was about 5:30pm. We were pretty worn out and ready for bed. But the sun was up and we came to enjoy every min. So we did not even unpack our bags. We dropped the bags and headed out. The first thing we wanted to see was the Duke Kahanamoku statue. I have daily checked the live web cam that points at this piece of art leading up to this trip. After seeing “the duke” we needed dinner. We chose to stay close to the hotel. The closest thing was Chucks Cellar. I can honestly say, I don’t know that I have had many ribs that were as large and meaty as these ribs! They were awesome! After dinner it was a quick stop in a store for soda for the room. So here I lay, tired, belly full, and in paradise. I thank God and everyone who helped make it possible for me to be here. I am truly blessed to experience such a beautiful place.


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