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Are you struggling to pay the bills these days? What you would you say if i could save you from flushing money down the toilet every day! Well I was pointed to a interesting money saving product. Reusable Toilet paper! Have you had children? Did you use cloth diapers? Then this wont be new to you. Wallypop Family Wipes, are squares of cloth that you use to wipe with and then put in a pale or plastic bag. You then can wash them in your washing machine like you do cloth diapers and reuse, thus saving your hard earned money from getting flushed! I am not sure I would be comfortable with this idea. The thought of having to wash my <censored> in the same machine I wash my pillow case is kinda gross, granted you would not wash them at the same time, but still….. :0)

So, if your looking to save some money each and every day, Wallypop Family Wipes can help you do just that!


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