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One Verizon wireless customer was surprised to see his network  supporting him on the ski slopes. I love my Verizon service.

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My Week

Not had much to blog about, so I thought I would just do a end of the week wrap up. It’s been a good week. I was busy helping my friend Pat work around the church. We have several projects on the burner. Sunday we are going to be pulling some CAT5e cables and electrical lines for the new stage that is being built this coming week. We also have been working out what is the best game plan for a multi-camera setup for worship. So those plans have kept our minds occupied.

We had Friday night flicks tonight. The movie tonight was “Amazing Grace”. It is a great movie. We did not have as big a turn out this time, but I think that is due to a lack of advertising. But the popcorn was good!

Thanks to my pals Pat and Joe, I managed to get a new iPod this week. I had a 8GB nano before and the new one also is an 8GB nano. The difference being that my new one is the newest model. The 4th generation has the motion sensor in it that allows you to control games just by rotating the device. It also allows you to flip the videos just by turning it over. Shake to shuffle allows me to shake it and it shuffles the songs. Pretty neat. So I have had fun getting my iTunes all fixed, adding album art and correcting song tags. Thanks for the upgrade guys!

Job news, is well…. lacking. I still have not heard back from my boss. I have now been laid off for 4 weeks. I called him the other day and informed him that I am still very much interested in coming back as soon as he can get me back. So hopefully maybe the weather will warm up and maybe we will get some work soon. Money is running dry. I have been off for 4 weeks and still have not received a check from unemployment. They seem to be flooded with people right now so I guess its is slowing down the system. I called them the other day and was on hold for just under 2 hours. So, they are busy to say the least.

So anyways, I guess that is all I have for now. I am looking forward to church this week, as always :0) and should have a busy week with building and wiring the new stage and camera booths. Leave any comments you want!


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