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Soap blogging

Just wanted to make a post to point out that you will notice a new tab on this blog. The tab above is titled S.O.A.P.

I am excited to put a tech spin on my daily soap blogging. It helps me make it easier for me to keep motivated. Sitting and reading a paper bible and writing with a pen on paper was hard for me to get excited about. So I have created a side blog to post these journal entries so that I can keep them organized and easy for me to access. I figured I would leave it public so that maybe others can learn from my post or even better, do a SOAP of their own!!! If you do or are doing a soap blog PLEASE make a comment here with a link and I will be more than happy to read! So, I just wanted to explain the new tab a little bit. For better info on what SOAP is click the tab above and then follow the link to mine. Thanks!


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