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Apple MacBook Air

Apple, we all have heard of them. They boast about being so secure and “safe” and cool. Well apparently their not. There were several contestants in the PWN to OWN competition, which began Wednesday in Vancouver, BC. The contestants were given the choice of trying to hack an Apple MacBook Air and several other computers running various operating systems. On the second day of the competition, the contestants were allowed to tell judges to open specific emails or go to certain websites. This is when the contestants were quickly able to take full control of the computer and gain access to the machine. The winning contestants won $10,000 and the MacBook Air. LOL Ok, you proved that the thing has a major flaw, now its your prize?

I wonder how much longer Apple fans will be able to brag about not running anti-virus and worry about their web surfing habits. Apple is gaining market share, and the more it gains the more attractive the platform looks to hackers. As of right now, there is not enough people or more importantly business’s that are using OS X to put the effort into trying to compromise it. I am sure that as the market share grows so will the threat of viruses.

Do you use a Mac? Do you feel “safe” when your on-line? Leave a comment!

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Caffeinated Soap

Bath Buzz caffeinated soap will get you started sooner! I like love my coffee, but do I really need to take in some extra caffeine in the shower? This soap claims that you take in the caffeine through your skin as you shower. They also state that the caffeine is good for your skin and can aid the fight against skin cancer….um OK. Well I thought it was pretty interesting. So if your in need of a bit more pick me up in the mornings, you can pick up some caffeinated soap at the link below.


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Windows Vista SP1

Windows Vista service pack 1 has been out for a week or so now. I have not moved to vista yet. If you have moved to vista, then this is an update that your really going to want to get. The service pack is suppose to improve driver support, speed file transfers across the network and some other smaller patch’s. If you have moved to vista, how do you like it? Did you do an upgrade or buy a new machine that came with vista already on it? Leave a comment!

Link to Vista Download Page

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